Sunday, July 03, 2005

Experimental results

So, after 2 years of milongas at The Tango Center, just this weekend we started to embark on the Tango Music educational program. It needed to happen, because I can't DJ for the next 5 weekends.

It takes a lot longer to load a library of disks & Tandas on a machine than I thought! Especially when the machine is 6 years old & pretty decrepit. So I didn't get very far ... I loaded a couple of CD's from major orchestras, a couple of cortina CD's, a couple of alternative CD's, and a couple of Nuevo CD's. The best 10% of the collection, but only about 1/4 of what it should be.

More unfortunately, I didn't have time to put Tandas on the system. Luckily Jim reminded me to bring Tanda lists from DJ's, and he copied them and passed them out to those interested. So it should be possible for people to read those, search the library, create a tanda for themselves, learn from it, create their own, etc.

I trained Jeff on the technicalities of performance with iTunes on our DJ schoolroom computer. We forced Rebecca & Andrew to teach the intro (which included close embrace) to Demare's orchestra, which was interesting to watch. We created some Tandas on the fly. And we played from that old machine, over the Tango Center's massive 8-speaker system, from the 8pm pre-milonga class start until the 10:30pm performance. Then I switched over to my laptop.

Pretty good start. These things take time.