Saturday, March 12, 2005

Gestalt evidence

If you want flexibility, to adapt to the evening's crowd, you need to be able to put tandas on independent of a plan. If that's true, you need to have the cortinas separate from the Tandas ... you can't burn them on the same CD and get that nice cortina which relates to the previous piece and the next piece.

People have known this for a while. After a computer, the second most desirable piece of DJ-ing equipment is the two-player box. This lets you adjust the cortinas as often as you adjust the tandas, and find the perfect one. This is a gestalt accomodation ... the less-gestalt version would have you burn CD's with a neutral cortina onto the end of each tanda. Not much chance for interconnectivity.

The problem is how to remember all those nice transitions ... a computer could be helpful in this, but the current software doesn't let you save tanda-cortina-tanda ideas, except as text notes somewhere ...