Sunday, December 11, 2005

Mixing: an additional possibility ...

One thing I'd like to try, is create real Tango 'house mixes' ... basically tanda-length 'pieces', sometimes with golden age pieces embedded in them, carefully, in their entirety, etc ... with nuanced use of pauses and switching between different nuevo & alternative effects. Many new pieces have no real endings, but bits of them are wonderful ... this kind of sound engineering isn't done much in tango ... but it could be interesting now and then.


Blogger JendaPerl said...

Many new pieces have no ending and many new pieces are way too long and boring so taking them and mixing into a tanda that does have a reasonable length and does give the parts real endings might definitely help the new pieces. A lot.
On the other hand, if you mix nuevo/alternative with golden age in the tanda and I happen to have the displeasure of encountering myself at the floor at that time ... you'll make me as angry as Otros Aires did with one of their songs (can't remember the name now) that starts old and then goes absolutely cra... otros. I can't dance even the original anymore as I keep on expecting it to suddenly go nuts.
Nuevo that starts as nuevo is fine ... you can leave the room or (in the unlikely case that it's something worth dancing and someone worth dancing that with is around and free) select the right partner. Nuevo that starts old is a disaster. Always.

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