Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Solid Biagi, later Biagi, odd Biagi

The tanda below is not right. The later Biagi [Santa Milonguita, Milonga Triste] is quite different from the super solid Biagi's above it. There's also some very 'odd beat' Biagi. These all have different effects ... the odd stuff is definately for advanced dancers. The late songs have a rich orchestration. But the old, solid stuff will haunt you for days. Clearly Biagi's version of Quejas de Bandoneon is the best. But it needs to be mixed with similar Biagi, or else everything else will pale. Unless you end with it.

But I like putting the best known song at the beginnig, and the best song second ... to make sure everyone dances to it. Robert likes to put the best song last, but I find that too many people are done before the fourth song. Again, it depends on the crowd. It's best to DJ from a computer, but that makes it hard to train other DJ's ...

Saturday, January 01, 2005

Milonga kit - metanda 1

These meta-sets aren't easy to make.
I'm just putting together those I can use,
and I'll analyze them later. Here's
the first CD:

[Tango - early, medium speed Di Sarli]
Verdemar : Di Sarli
PorteƱo Y Bailarin : Di Sarli
Duelo Criollo : Di Sarli
Tu Intimo Secreto : Di Sarli

*Cortina* Chuluchululu : Bula Fiji Bula

[Tango - early, medium speed D'Arienzo]
Compadron : D'Arienzo
Dime Mi Amor : D'Arienzo
Uno : D'Arienzo
Ya Lo Ves : D'Arienzo

*Cortina* Valse Lento : Quadro Nuevo

[Vals - Romantic Canaro]
Bajo El Cielo Azul : Canaro
El Trovero : Quinteto Pirincho
Tristeza Criolla : Canaro
Corazon De Oro : Canaro

*Cortina* Freddie Freeloader : Miles Davis