Monday, December 27, 2004

Tango DJ toolkit

So, I want to start a number of people at the Tango Center as DJs. They must, of course, be dancers, love the music etc. There are a lot of people like this, and I've been trying to think of how to get them going.

So I'm going to make maybe 10 CD's, with a format like ...

... and characterize them, with a little high-level guide to adjusting the mood of an evening.

Starting the evening, "Slow, steady, lovely, interesting, easy". For me, the first two sets are often:
  Orchesta Tipica Victor
  Mid-to-late Di Sarli
  Early De Angelis
  40's D'Arienzo

Then there's "rock-solid beat, romantic":

The first waltz set and the first milonga set should also start slow.

Then, mid-evening, energy & romance ...

There's "Jazzy, fascinating, good beat":
  early Pugliese
  early-mid Canaro
  Early Calo
  Early Troilo

There's "super-romantic":

There's "super-improvisational":
  Mid Pugliese

Then there's "fast beat":
  Early Di Sarli
  Early D'Arienzo
  Fast Canaro

There's more. I'll put them together, and post the results here. Then I'll update the toolkit as it gets polished.


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