Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Too late?

A Tango DJ has a lot to learn. One of the best ways to learn, besides actually DJ-ing Milonga upon Milonga, practica after practica, is to watch someone else learn.

So, this may be a little late. I can't offer a truly fresh perspective when I've done over 100 events ... and so this may not be helpful to people just starting out. But I'll try. Becuase there aren't enough Tango DJ's out there.

I'll try to convince other Tango DJ's to join me here. This is to help with one of the big problems with Tango DJ-ing: "the rut". You can play the hits, you can get people to love new hits, but you will get tired of the "hit parade" approach. Makin 60-75% of the evening out of hits seems to be prevent this ... but 25-40% is a lot of new material to generate if you DJ regularly! And the "new stuff" must be superb, and timed right, or you'll hurt the evening.

A quick colophon: I'm Greg Bryant, and I DJ at The Tango Center in downtown Eugene, Oregon, which has Milongas every Friday & Saturday night. The Tango Center itself is a community experiment, which you can read about at the Tango Center blog.


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